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History is replete with innocent masters and geniuses who were persecuted, banished or publicly killed for attempting to bring into public domain new and vital knowledge for the benefit of mankind. As a result, custodians of such knowledge (or Secrets) were all driven underground, thus precipitating the very origin of secret societies and occult practices.

This explains why no real secrets can be revealed by a true master through the media, and this includes the movies. That being the case, The Smash-Hit #1 Bestselling Movie, The Secret is in fact devoid of any real secret. Essentially, the purpose of the movie was to wet people's appetites for the real hidden Secrets, and this is precisely what you will have access to as a member of this club.

"All Power Is From Within And Is Absolutely Under Your Control. It Manifests Through Exact Knowledge, And By The Voluntary Exercises Of Exact Principles"Charles Haanel - The Master Key System

We are standing on the threshold of a new era. The time has arrived when man has learned the secrets of Mastery, and the way is being prepared for a new social order, more wonderful than anything ever dreamed of.

Welcome to The Egold Millionaires Club, an exclusive members only club for a select few pioneering the next evolution of mankind. Many will be called few will be chosen.


By far the greatest discovery of all the centuries is the power of Thought. Until recently, the importance of this discovery has been a little slow in reaching the general consciousness.


By consciously applying the power of Thought through the voluntary exercises of exact principles, man will evolve into the highest life-form on earth, The God-Man. He will acquire God-like powers to control his future and the world around him. He will be wealthy beyond all imaginations. He will become invincible: Every human problem will be vanquished. Every Disease including Death, the greatest disease of Mankind, will become history. Etc, etc, etc.....beyond the scope of this page.

But Consider This!



Physical Science has resolved Matter into molecules, Molecules into atoms, Atoms into energy.

But what is the source of this Energy? ... The Human Thought, and so is the process of creation.

The Creation Process
Human Thought = Energy = Atoms -> Molecules -> Matter

  1. By this process The Universe came into existence.
  2. By this process Man unwittingly continued the process of creation (on earth) from the early ape-like Primates to the present-day Man.
  3. By this process Man will become God. Universes will be created, and the Cycle continues to infinity.

Today, a special Home Study Seminar Course, by Bob Proctor, is now preparing the stage for this evolution, and you're hereby invited to be among the first breed to acquire this Secret Knowledge. On this webpage, you will be taking the first step to the next evolution: Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the SGR Banner! Review the site and make your purchase. This is the Numero uno of all Investments. We call it The Prime Value Purchase (or The Prime Value Investment). Don't think twice. Do it now, and join the club!! We will show you how to create a 'Cosmic' Empire.


When you purchase your SGR Briefcase, you' re making the ultimate investment. The Numero Uno of all investments. It is likened to the Biblical injunction: 'Seek first the kingdom of God..', which is the seat of The Universal Fountain of Infinite supply.

All the worldly investments you have ever made and will ever make combined together will not come close in comparison to the universal value and importance of the SGR briefcase investment.

This value is beyond compare. Scroll down to the bottom of this page now, click on the SGR banner, review the site and make your purchase.


Egold Millionaires Club members will learn to take immediate control of their most desirious future filled with Money, Power and Love. Before becoming members, many are unable to make their Prime Value Purchase. Never-the-less, they will join the Club by paying the joining fee of $12.50 only.

Each Club member is given a replica website that looks exactly like this one. By actively participating in the Clubs activities which (among others) includes; promoting their website, they are able to make their Prime Value Purchase within a week or two, as they would earn enough money within the period.

Each Club member who makes their Prime Value Purchase is up-graded to a Club Owner Status provided the purchase is made from within Egold Millionaires Club. He will now become a Franchise Owner of the Club, but with a different name of their choice. He will use this Franchise to build his own organization, earn obscene amounts of money and be required to likewise up-grade his club members when they make Prime value purchases. The cycle continues to infinity.

All Club members must notify Club Owner (or Admin) of any Prime Value purchase with details of the purchaser immediately after the transaction. This is to enable the Club Admin arrange, set-up and host an exact clone of this site for the new Club owner. A set-up fee of $50 is required from the Club member who made the sale. However, no set-up fee is required if club member is a direct referral of the Admin.

PLEASE NOTE: Every Club member receives $500 (from the SGR program) for every Prime value purchase on their affiliate site, and another $250 when their direct referral makes a Prime purchase.

As new members join the Club, you receive unlimited $5.00 payments (instantly & directly) into your account.

  1. Access to our Digital Products worth thousand of Dollars.
  2. Access to our Knowledge and Training centre.
  3. Participation in our main Club activities.
  4. Your own website just like this one to promote.
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You will have access to a host of things including the following, Click Here

Joining is an easy 3-step process:
Step #1: You pay $5.00 to the person who referred you to this site.
Step #2: You pay another $5.00 to a randomly selected club member.
Step #3: Finally, you pay $2.50 to Club admin, and your account will be set-up with your own site (just like this one) to promote.

Become Member


  1. Click on the SGR Banner below to make your Prime Value Purchase.
  2. Unable to purchase now? No problem. Bookmark the SGR webpage now & remember to come back to it whenever you're ready to purchase. Now, Scroll down to the bottom of the same webpage & click on 'Affiliate Program' to register for the SGR Affiliate progrm. Keep your affiliate url & ID in a safe place.
  3. Now, click Here or on the 'Join Now' Button to pay $12.50 and join the Club. When you're done, go to your member area and edit the SGR banner below with your Affiliate Url and ID.
  4. Promote your Egold Millionaires Club site with the Promotion Tools provided, and watch your account explode with unlimited payments of $5.00, $250 & $500.
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